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Schools Dramatic Art & Speech

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Ottawa, Ontario,
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Orleans Young Players
Orleans Young Players (OYP) is a non-profit, charitable organization providing theatre training to children and young people from throughout the Ottawa-Carleton region.
(613) 830-7360
261 Tompkins Avenue, Unit 101
Orleans, Ontario, K1E 3K9
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A.C.T. Acting for Cinema & Television)
Welcome to A.C.T. Acting for Cinema & Television) Ottawa's only in-front-of-the-camera acting school that operates year round
(613) 565-2107
Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave
Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6E2
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Orleans Young Player
In 1989 OYP Theatre School began with two volunteer teachers offering classes to 16 students, aged 9-11. Today, we offer over 25 different classes and ...
(613) 580-2764
101-261 Tompkins Avenue
Orleans, Ontario, K1E3K9
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Voice Emergent
Voice Emergent's founder, Barclay McMillan, has been creating opportunities for people to discover, or recover, their singing voices and explore them in a context of ...
762 Somerset St W, Suite 503
Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6P9
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The Speech People
We also have other merchants like The Speech People. They can be found by clicking the Education or Schools Dramatic Art & Speech ...
(613) 824-1800
106-210 Centrum Boulevard
Orleans, Ontario, K1E 3V7
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T's Music & Arts Academy
Lessons are offered in singing, guitar, piano, drums, violin, acting and dance. Lessons are serious but always fun; you learn in a relaxing atmosphere. All ...
903 Carling Avenue, 2nd Floor
Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 4E3
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Ottawa School Of Speech & Drama
Join OSSD and be part of the most comprehensive theatre and speech arts training centre in Ottawa.
(613) 567-6788
294 Picton Ave
Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z 8P8
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